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Congrats those are flying UK to pursue their UG/PG.

Here is the list of documents which you need to carry with you when you will be flying. This list is completely based on our experience and changes can be possible according to your needs,

Documents which you need to show on Airport ( immigration department):

  • Passport
  • University Offer Letter
  • Copy of availability of funds (Not necessary but be useful)
  • Chest X-ray or TB test certificate

Essential documents which you need to carry:

  • Original mark sheets / Degree Certificate ( Must)
  •  Medical History/ reports ( If any)
  •  Work Experience Certificates (If any)
  • Reference letters for last five years of living ( In case you get a job in security/airport/defence)

Skills which will make your life easy:

  • International Driving License
  •  Cooking : learn things which can be made easily.
  • Microsoft Word/PP and Excel: If you don’t know how to work on it? Then learn it . It will help you to prepare your assignments, notes, presentation, dissertation, reports etc.
  • English ( if your English is not good enough): good English always help you to communicate effectively with other and will also improve your academic skills.

Useful items to carry:

  • Passport size photos (around 25 and try to get in white background)

Medicines :

  • Analgesic ( Mild pain- Crocin, Combiflam, Brufen,  Sever pain- Lyser D, etc),
  • Analgesic cream and spray  like moov, Iodex etc.
  • For stomachic ( Pain: Anaforten , Clomin), Acidity: Zintac, Ocid/Omez, Digene,
  • Anti-allergic: Avil, Citrazin, Loratidin,
  • Antibiotic : Ofloxacillin-200 ( use in general), Roxid-150  ( severe Cough, Sneezing),
  • Antiseptic Cream: Betadin, Soframycin,
  • Antifungal: Quardiderm
  • Other products: Eno, Pudin hara, Bandage, Band- aid, Scrap bandage ( 3 inch), cotton

Food Stuff for Indian Students : All kind of food stuff you can easily get in the UK, but it could be recommended to get                                       

Spices (Masale): Jeera , Haldi , Mirchi , Dhania, Garam Masala, Sarso (Mustard seed), Saunf (Fennel), Hing powder etc.

Namkeen (chiwada)

Utensils:  Most of the UK houses are fully furnished , so don’t need to carry much . Highly recommended items are;

Pressure Cooker, Fry pan and try to get some stuff like Idli maker for microwave oven etc.

Stationary and others:   Stationary in the UK is not much expensive though you can bring; Markers, Highlighters, Pencils, Pen, Sharpener, 1-2 Notebook, Punching Machine, etc

Cloths:  Undergarments (at least 8-10 pair), Socks ( 6 pair) , Jeans/Paint shirts/T-shirts/Night Suits/ traditional cloths/ etc., Sweater, Wind Sheeter, jacket, etc

Towels, Handkerchief  (Rumal), Gloves, gluband (Scarf) etc.

Bed sheets, Pillow Cover, Duet cover.

General Items; 7Sewing kit,  Tooth pest. Tooth brush, Nail Cutter, Shaving kit,   Alarm Clock, Mobile Phone, Calculator, torch, Umbrella,


If you are carrying a laptop, mobile phone etc then you need a Plug Converter for UK electric socket.