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Why Study in the Sweden

  1. Research based and Creative Education system
  2. Practical implication of study is utmost priority
  3. Scholarship from Swedish Government as well as universities
  4. English is a an alternative language to communication in day to day life besides Swedish .
  5. Sweden is clean and safe, and the standard of living is high.
  6. No restrictions of working hours for Students in Sweden.
  7. 6 months of Post study work visa is given to the student after completion of the programme to search job.
  8. Student is allowed to bring dependent at any level of study .
  9. Only country which gives work permit without even completing the program and even with odd job. More information please see Swedish Migration agency Website
  10. Students can even start business during studies. They will get the work place FREE for the first 6 months and University help students in developing their business.
  11. Incredible welfare system .