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The generic medicines industry is at the heart of public health delivery. This industry provides essential medicines that European patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems rely on to treat most acute and chronic ailments ranging from cardiovascular, to diabetes and even to cancer.

Specialisation in Medicine in Germany (Residency)

Specialisation in Medicine in Germany (Residency, PhD) is one of the best options for international students looking for Medical Continuing Training position abroad. 6-year medical degree and good level of German language are the minimum requirements.

Basic medical training in Germany leads to graduation with Approbation (License to Practise Medicine) equals to Doctor of medicine). Undergraduate medical study in Germany is a 6-year program and it includes 48 weeks of continuous practical training.

After 6-year degree, students may start specialisation (residency) also called medical continuing training in order to become Doctor Specialists. In addition to medical continuing training (Residency) and qualification, doctors wishing to further specialisation can gain Extra Qualification in different fields.