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Cost of Studying

Studying in Germany offers world-class education at affordable costs. To help you plan your finances effectively, we've compiled essential information on the various expenses associated with studying in Germany.


Course Fees

The table below outlines the approximate course fees for different programs:

Course Average Annual Fee (EUR)
Bachelor's 500 - 20,000
Master's 5,000 - 30,000
MS 300 - 28,000
PhD 300 - 3,000


Living Expenses

Living expenses vary depending on the city and lifestyle. Here's an estimate of monthly living costs:

Expense Average Monthly Cost (EUR) Average Monthly Cost (EUR)
  Small cities Metro cities
Accommodation 500 800
Food 200 300
Transport 100 150
Textbooks and Supplies 50 80
Entertainment and Leisure 150 250


Health Insurance and Embassy Fees

Before arriving in Germany, ensure you're aware of health insurance and embassy fees:

Expense Approximate Cost (EUR)
Health Insurance 120
Embassy Fees 75


Average Monthly Cost of Rented Accommodation

Rent constitutes a significant part of living expenses. Here's an overview of average monthly rent:

German City Average Rent in Germany (EUR)
Aachen 535
Augsburg 613.57
Berlin 790
Bochum 400
Bonn 650
Cologne 700-800
Dresden 500
Frankfurt 860-870
Hamburg 800-868
Leipzig 500
Mainz 650
Munich 1,000-1,200


Tuition Fees for Public Universities

Public universities in Germany offer tuition-free education for international students, excluding administration fees. Here's a breakdown:

University Average Annual Tuition Fee (EUR)
Ludwig Maximilian University 244
Technical University of Munich 144
University of Heidelberg 364
Humboldt University Berlin 620
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 1,500
Technical University of Berlin 308
Free University of Berlin 354
RWTH Aachen University No tuition fees for international students


Tuition Fees for Private Universities

Private universities may charge tuition fees. Here's an estimate of average fees:

University Average Annual Tuition Fee (EUR)
Bard College Berlin 28,700
CODE University of Applied Sciences 9,800
Munich Business School 24,000
EBC Hochschule 10,000
GISMA Business School 20,000
Friedensau Adventist University 3,500
Hertie School of Governance 32,500
SRH Hochschule Berlin 10,000
University of Applied Sciences Europe 1,400
WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management 15,000


Understanding the cost of studying in Germany is essential for international students. We hope this information helps you plan your finances effectively. For specific details or further assistance, please reach out to us.