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Cost of Studying

In September 2014, all tuition fees for undergraduate courses at state universities were abolished for international students as well as German students, although some states charge fees, usually around EUR 500 per semester, for ‘long-term students’, ie. those who exceed the standard period of study by more than four semesters. Master’s degrees are usually free for students who have completed a bachelor’s degree at a German university within the past two years, otherwise they can cost around EUR 2,000 per semester. PhDs are usually free.
Private universities continue to charge and set their own tuition fees for all students and can charge up to around EUR 20,000 per year for undergraduates and EUR 30,000 per year for Master’s degrees.
The Federal Student Financial Aid Programme (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz or BAföG) offers grants and loans primarily to German and EU students but occasionally those from elsewhere. You can ask the Student Services Organisation (Studentenwerk) for help to apply.
Every student in Germany also has to pay semester fees at the beginning of each semester. These fees are for the student union, student administration and sometimes for tickets on local transport. The amount varies between universities but is typically between EUR 100–250.
Student accommodation in Germany
German universities do not automatically organise accommodation for students – it’s up to you to sort out. There will be university halls of residence in every university town. Rooms will be cheap – around EUR 240 per month – conveniently located and, as a result, in great demand. Around 40 percent of international students live in halls of residence. You can look for a hall of residence here. You’ll need to apply as soon as you receive your notice of admission from the university. You can apply though the Student Services Organisation Studentenwerk.
If you don’t want to stay in a student residence you can rent a room in a shared apartment – expect to pay around EUR 280 per month.
For Visa - 8,700 euros must be in your account for disposal.