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Working in Germany

During study :
International student can work for 120 full days or 240 half days per year . If student is working as a research/student assistant at the university when there’s no limit.
For any kind of work ,student should inform the Alien Registration Office in area. Paid or unpaid internships during holidays count as normal work and will be deducted from your 120 days; internships required by your degree are not.
After study :
After graduation, a residence permit may be extended for a maximum of one and a half year for the purpose of seeking a job that is open to non-EU citizens and appropriate to your qualifications.
If you find a job that corresponds to your qualifications, the Foreigners Authority may grant a change of status of your residence for the purpose of working. If necessary, the Foreigners Authority will obtain the approval of the Federal Employment Agency.
If a project for self-employment is acceptable, the Foreigners Authority may grant a change of status to become self-employed.
If the applicant is "highly qualified", the Foreigners Authority may grant a change of status and a permanent residence permit.
You may be eligible for Permanent residence if you can prove the following:                     
residence for at least five years on the German territory with permit. Half the time spent as a student in Germany will be recognised for the purposes of calculating this period of time;
sufficient resources to support yourself and your dependants;
health insurance;
adequate housing/accommodation;
in general, 60 months social security contributions (or equivalent contribution to a private scheme);
you have the right to work or to be self-employed;
sufficient knowledge of the German language and basic civic knowledge.