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Key Admissions Facts

University link:  BBI-HOTEL & TOURISM MANAGEMENT (Wiltz Campus)

Program Description: BBI offers 3-year Bachelor and 2-year Master programmes, in a truly international framework, will ensure those creative individuals, with passion and who share common values are ready to face the challenges in the hospitality and tourism industry management. We provide first-class education for a career in the Hospitality and Tourism sector - the fastest growing industry in the world. The programmes mainly reflect the Anglo-Saxon educational format, stressing a hands-on, pragmatic and interdisciplinary approach to learning. The three main core areas of the curricula are:

  • Operations management education
  • Business management education 
  • Practical education – internships


Scholarships Availability: regional and merit scholarships are available. Please contact us for more information.

NB : This information is just a rough guideline about most of the university programs and doesn't represent the exact information, application process time, IELTS requirements for any specific program . For exact information please contact us .


Founded in 1990, BBI has gradually become one of the leading European schools for hotel management and tourism. Over the last decade, BBI has earned a reputation for its extensive network of contacts with companies and international hotel chains, many of which are former students of the institute.

The courses result from the desire to impart knowledge in the management field and to adapt to the concrete needs of the companies, such as permanent further development .This includes theoretical and practical training, adoption of methodologies and languages, introduction to basic and applied research, and on-site studies that are possible thanks to partnership with companies. Each year, company training courses are included in the program, giving the student the opportunity to train in an environment that is as close to the business and business life as possible.

Why Study Here?

BBI seeks to admit students who have a real desire to study for a career in the field of international hospitality and tourism. Students must have a true desire and possess the qualities needed to successfully complete their studies, as well the managerial qualities required by companies. 

During the selection procedure, the Admission Committee takes into account each prospective student’s entire profile. After preliminary selection based on the application, prospective students must attend an interview and a series of tests focusing on the following criteria: language knowledge, general culture and intelligence, ability to analyse, resume and express themselves. In spite of the importance awarded to their previous academic qualifications, motivation, the will to succeed, references and the results of the aforementioned tests are taken into serious consideration.


BBI’s main objective is not just to train the students in excellence in the field of hospitality and tourism management, but also to enhance their personal development by offering them the opportunity to evolve and work in an international environment. 

With a student body of 35 nationalities, our students are one of our institution’s key strengths. Coming from different backgrounds and cultures and with diverse experiences, they are all highly motivated and have a real calling to work in hospitality and tourism industry. Students are immediately immersed into an international environment as they rub shoulders with many different nationalities from the beginning of their studies. 

Thanks to this extraordinary cultural diversity, our students learn to know, understand, respect and live alongside others. Based on this multicultural environment, BBI facilitates the blossoming and personal development of its students, in three main areas:

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