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Visa Process and Requirements

If students are planning to study in Sweden at a university or a  university college for a period longer than three months, then they require a residence permit. They cannot enter Sweden until the permit has been granted.

Required documents for Student visa application :-

Letter of Acceptance : To be eligible for a residence permit, student must have been admitted to full-time studies on a programme or course that requires student to be present at the university or university college. A list of institutions that count as universities or university colleges can be found on the website of Studyinsweden.

See if your institution counts as a university or a university college on

Financial docs : Main applicant  has to submit the bank balance letter of 80100 SEK per year in the his/her saving account. Applicant may need to show remaining fee of first year if only one semester fee is paid.  

Your own bank assets are money in an account that belongs to you and from which only you and, if any, your spouse can withdraw money. It cannot be considered as your own assets if you share the account with, for example, your parents or a relative. Nor does the Migration Agency accept that a sponsor (such as a relative or a company) covers your support while you are in Sweden, unless the funds are deposited into your own account.

  • bank statement showing that student have the means to support himself. This bank statement should be translated into English or
  • documents issued in student  name, showing that student have received a scholarship or similar (e.g. student aid), including information about the monthly amount and the period during which student will receive such funds or
  • documents proving that student have been awarded an educational grant (only applies to doctoral students) .

Example of a financial requirement :

Passport : Copies of the pages in  passport which show student’s personal details, the period of validity and whether student  has permission to live in countries other than country of origin .

Passport must be valid for at least one year for the UG/PG programs and 2 years for Doctorate programs .

If passport is about to expire, then it should be renewed, as student cannot obtain a permit for longer than the validity of passport.

Medical Insurance : If student has been admitted in a program which last less than one year.

Online Visa application system : Student  may apply online. In the application, student fill out personal information and about studies. Student  must also enclose a number of documents as mentioned above. If family accompanies student to Sweden then they can apply for their permits too in student online application. Application fee for main applicant is SEK1000 and if main applicant is under 18 age then it is SEK 500 . It is same for family members too.

NB: ·   Visa procedure is very simple. No need of submitting academic documents, passport and the entire family can receive the visa along with the applicant at the same time. No Interview for visa.

Visa for  a family member of a student : Family member of a student can get a residence permit for the same period as student. If the permit is valid for more than six months, family member can get a work permit. If you are a family member of student who has a permanent residence permit in Sweden after four years of doctoral studies, family member can get a permanent residence permit too.

The maintenance requirement for the whole time of family member are in Sweden is SEK 3,500 per month for adults and SEK 2,100 per month for each child. More details can be found here .

Time to a Decision : Visa process for Sweden is lengthy . time duration can be as follow

Straight application ( No additional documents were asked by the Swedish Migration Agency ) - 1 to 3 months .  

Complicated application (  additional documents were asked by the Swedish Migration Agency) - 2 to 5 months

It is advisable to apply in advance for Autumn intake . Applying for visa in April or May will give sufficient time .