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Visa Process and Requirements

Visa is most important hurdle to study overseas. We want to make sure that our student take it in easy . Hence we provide them all the required information beforehand . All of the information student require to apply for a Tier 4 (General) visa is available at Tier 4 Guideline which you should read before starting the visa application .

Student need to be clear which type of visa he is applying. When the student is obtaining tier 4 general visa he must complete his online application based on the category which visa he wants.

  • Tier 4 (General)
  • Short Term Study visas ( Study visitor visa )
  • Tier 4 (Child )

Tier 4 ( General) application comes under Point based system (PBS) of UKVI and student required to achieve all the 40 points to qualify for the visa proceeding . 30 Points are awarded for CAS and 10 points for financial documents to full fill maintenance requirements of UKVI.

Finances for Tier 4 applications

Finance is an important part of maintenance requirements . Most of the visa applications are refused due to insufficient funds or unverified funds.
There are two main components for finance :

1) Tuition Fee :

Student must have enough money to pay for the course fees for the first year of your course, or the entire course if it is less than one year long. The UKVI will use the details in your CAS to confirm how much money you need for your course fees. You should make sure that the information you enter on your application form matches the information on your CAS. If you pay a part of tuition fee for CAS then you have to show remaining tuition fee for 28 days .

Who can pay your tuition fee : Anyone can make payment of your tuition fee in university account but remaining funds must in be student/parent bank account for more than 28 days or covered by the education loan .

2) Living expenses

As per the UKVI guideline, Living cost is around £1,265 if you are studying in London and £ 1015 if you are studying outside of London .

For the visa purpose if your course is lasting for more than 9 months then you need to show amount up to 9 months hence in London it will be ( 1265*9 ) £ 11385 and in outer London it will be ( 1015*9) £9135.


Source of Finances:

Self-Financed: You or your parents pay for your studies.

  • Type of account: instant access cash funds- no fixed accounts
  • If using a parent’s account, you must provide a consent letter from your parents and your original birth certificate.
  • The amount must be 28 days old and the minimum balance should be in the account for 28 days and the statement need to be submitted must be no more than 31 days old.
  • Bank statements: student need to keep originals or certified printouts must include Bank's name and logo, Name (Yours or your Parent), account number, date of the statement , amount of the money available. If it is self financed the student need to submit bank letter where the student need to check about the bank name and logo, your name and parent name, account number, date of the letter (no more than one month old), amount of money available, confirmation that the required funds are there for at least 28 days


Finances sponsored: Government or an international company/scholarship agency pay for your studies.

  • Sponsor letter must include amount of the sponsorship, length of the sponsorship and it must be on the letterhead paper with stamp and date with in the last 6 months


Finances Scholarship: The university pay for your studies

  • It must be mentioned on the CAS or an official letter from the university
  • Other documents:


Documents Checklist:

  • Online application form
  • Photos passport size 45mm*35mm
  • Passport(s) (and BRP if applicable)
  • CAS statement ( not mandatory ) - CAS issued by the Admissions office through email, no letter required and the student need to check all the details mentioned in the CAS are duly correct. Students need not send this but keep it for your reference and use it when filling out the application.
  • Qualifications certificates/transcripts- For Qualifications check your CAS statement which have been mentioned in regard to academics, English language and make sure where it has been mentioned as certificate or transcript. The student need to submit only the documents which are mentioned in the CAS.
  • Bank statements or Sponsor/Scholarship letter
  • ATAS certificate (If applicable) PhD or MEng in Engineering, physics etc. More information can be found here
  • TB certificate (If applicable) more information can be found here
  • International Health Surcharge (IHS) must be paid before you submit application . More information for IHS can be found here


Note : Documents which are going to be submitted must be in original and they must be in English or with the translation.

Translations of the documents need to have the date of the translation, signature of the translator, translator contact details and confirmation that it is an accurate translation of original.